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How To.....

Make a cardboard loom

For those of you who want to try weaving but are not sure whether it would be worth spending the money to buy a loom, we have a very practical alternative – MAKE your own weaving loom out of cardboard.

Happy Weaving!





How To.....

Improve language through reading

For those of you who want to try improving their language with the specific terms of the textile language - poem reading is one of the best ways of doing so! The different rhythmics of a poem creates a very different experience for the human brain - the associations, the images they provoke, the pace of reading and the rimes whether they are there or not bring a full language development no other reading text can do.

Here, we present to you the magical world of Dores Tembras from her book "O pouso do fume" ("The Dregs of Smoke"), as well as few more examples from the classic literature - these are just to demonstrate the unlimmited sources one could find when decides to look closely at the books around - find more and share with your family and friends, in class or at the meet-ups and gatherings we all go.


Happy Reading!





How To.....

Print on Fabric at Home

Printing on fabric with your home printer (ink or digital) is a very easy way to create beautiful paterns and crafts.

There are many tutorial on Internet that explain is details how the process is done. We present to you here the one from Heather from the Sewing Loft and the only mandatory thing you need to have in order to create these amazing designs that will WOW us is .... IMAGINATION! :)

Happy Printing!





How To.....

Recycle your old jeans into a cute little purse

Your old jeans are a wonderful fabric - still strong with beautiful colours that have now faded into cmpletely new blues and greys, so much life in them still! But what can we do? We can RECYCLE them!

So many projects can be found and here we have our own project, presented by the lovely Silvia La Salla and IPSIA Luigi Cremona Pavia, Italy 

Happy Recycling!