Bulgara Centre for Development

AlperenTekkesi.jpg"Falcon" by Bulat Gilvanov -Great Bulgarian Woman-Worrior

Bulgara Centre for Development was created with the aim to support the educational, cultural and economic development of the civil society in the region by encouraging the local youth to engage in the intercultural, artistic and sport exchange of experience, skills and ideas.

Creating opportunities in the fields of life-long learning, formal and in-formal learning, on-the-job training and hands-on experience, our main objective is to broaden the mind of the young people for the possibilities out there and the availability to develop their own competences in their personal and professional life.

Bulgara Centre for Development is part of the local Community Centre where our organisation has been running summer school in applied arts and wooden-loom weaving classes for conserving the traditional weaving by using the methods and patters of our region. The classes have been open for all ages - attended mainly by young girls and women from the area, both as part of their extra-curriculum activity but also as method to gain practical skills that could be applied later in life whether as main profession or as an additional occupation to supplement extra incomes. Both the summer school and the weaving classes have been very successful and now are attended by participants that travel from the city to our village.