IPSIA "Luigi Cremona"

IPSIA Luigi Cremona, Pavia

IPSIA Luidgi Cremona in in the Lombardy region in Italy, is a reference vocational training centre, which working in synergy with the education authorities and the local production  has outlined its training curricula of study, enriched with educational models aimed at the acquisition of of soft skills most required by modern production systems.

The province of Pavia, among the largest in Italy with over half a million inhabitants, has managed to combine its agricultural vocation with a thriving craft and industrial activity, especially in the production and maintenance of tools and devise plant.

With the increasing development of technology, the territory has increased the demand for professionals, technicians and operators, which, in addition to possessing the basic skills of specific professional areas, need to acquire a culture of so-called cross-disciplines such as electronics, computer science, robotics and telematics , more and more present in the production processes and in their management.

Our school has always been a point of reference for professional training, working in synergy with local authorities (University, Municipality, Provincial Administration) and with local production (company internships and alternating training), has outlined its training courses in according to vocational education reform plans at national and European level.

The I.P.S.I.A. "L. Cremona "is a vocational and professional school of ancient tradition, born in the '30s on the initiative of the main local industry, the" NECCHI ". Originally it was a private vocational school, called "Ambrogio Necchi" with the purpose to train skilled workers in the mechanical sector. Subsequently it adheres to the electric company "Esticino", with the definition and formation of a new professional "wrangler civil electrical installations".

The courses were run for four years, with 40 hours a week of lessons, equally divided in theory and practice in workshops and laboratories. From the outset the Institute has thus shown its specific vocation of "school in the territory”,through a partnership with local companies, sensitive to the needs of a formation attentive to the evolution of technologies and models work. At a later time, and until 1967, the Institute is run by a Consortium of Local Companies.

The Private Vocational School "A. Necchi "is nationalized on 01 / Oct / 1967, then passing under the management of MPI, creating the Professional Institute of State for Industry and Handicrafts. Over the years the school has consolidated its presence in the area and made more consistent its training to requests explicit and implicit of the territory, through the renewal of its facilities, the training of professionals (electronic, mechatronic, repairers, installers , dental and fashion designers) that meet the needs of a school attentive to the social and cultural changes.

The training courses implemented in the institution to meet the need of those who finished junior high school, want to pursue a course of study that allows them to enter as soon as possible in working life, with an adequate level of professionalism, combined with a legacy culture, skills and attitudes. Our school, working in synergy with local authorities (University, Municipality, Provincial Administration, APOLF) and with local production (associations), has outlined its training curricula of study, enriched with educational modules aimed at the acquisition of soft skills most required by modern production systems. The cultural value of the educational project provides the development of logical and cultural skills necessary for a productive continuation of studies, both at the university and vocational level.

Nowadays Ipsia Cremona offers five years state courses:

technical maintenance, • electronic, • mechatronic, • repairers, • installers , • dental • fashion designers and textile production In addition the school also offers three years regional courses: • motor vehicles technician • mechanical technician • plumbing and heating technician • CAD Technical designer • solar and photovoltaic technician • civil electrical and industrial technician • computer science technician