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Now time for some fun! We've taken a few visually striking textile-related images and made them into jigsaw puzzles! Have fun!


Great Inventions

"Imagine you're a caveman, 40,000 years ago. You've mastered fire. You've built simple tools for hunting. You've learned how to craft garments from animal skins to keep yourself warm in the winter. What would you choose to invent next?" TED Talks about Great Inventions! Check out this page and be Wow-ed!


Magic of colours

Colour is a powerful and important communication tool, and it is tied to religious, cultural, political and social concepts. Used cleverly and with intention in the different textiles, colour makes a statement. Visual stimulation remains one of the strongest ways of remembering and interacting amoungst all humans.



How much one knows is measurable - test your knowledge about the textiles - it is really easy!


How To

Hands-on activities are easy when you know HOW TO make it happen - have a look and LET'S HAVE FUN!

Let's do it!

The Little Prince Project

Wisdom beyond imagination as we scroll down the pages of one of the most loved books in the world. The stories we love best live with us forever!