Sisu Consulting, Ltd.

Sisu Consulting, Ltd., Surrey, UK

Sisu Consulting was founded in 2008 by Martin Koistinen, a Communications, Multimedia, Website and Web Application Development specialist since 1990. The team at Sisu excels in all aspects of website and web-application design, delivery and execution. And, we leverage Risk & Project Management talent within the company to ensure that project budgets and deadlines are easily met and that client expectations are exceeded.

Sisu Consulting also actively works with a network of professionals who can bring additional fields of expertise to client projects in a seamless fashion. In particular, we have superb Brand Management, Design, Typography and Calligraphy experts at your avail with Sisu Consulting.

Many of our customers are themselves Graphic Artists / Designers and we really enjoy partnering with them as we love the challenge of breathing life into their designs and mock-ups, and turning them into sustainable, living content for their stakeholders.

What Does "Sisu" Mean?

“Sisu” is the Finnish term for “Guts” or, more precisely, someone, “being made of the substance that provides the courage, determination and persistence to complete a task despite any adversity”.

Sisu is a founding principal of Sisu Consulting.