Dare2Wow International Conference

Ourense, Spain

Adult Education Centre EPA de Ourense, along with the international team of Erasmus+ project “Textile Heritage. From the Wooden Loom Weaving to Digital Art”, celebrated at Centro Cultural Marcos Valcárcel in Ourense, Spain, a poetic event to present results of the strategic partnership on 1st June 2017. This international multiplier event took place in English and Galician, by means of interpreters. Six other centres from five more countries participate in the project, which is co-ordinated by Spain: Italy, Greece, The United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Latvia. This is the fifth European project in which EPA de Ourense participates, always with the objective of reaching out to less advantaged groups or those in the risk of social exclusion, through cultural exchange and sharing best practices among the participant countries.

The event, directed by teacher Alfredo Juan Conde Mariñas, was chaired by the highest education authority in the province, Xefa Territorial de Educación, Ms Mª Luz Fernández Quintas. Inspector Mr Marcos Fernández Álvarez and the director of the state lifelong teacher training centre CEFORE  Mr José Domínguez Alonso were also among the attendants. To give unity to the event we counted on Galician poet Dores Tembrás, who has been teaching occasional workshops at centro EPA since 2011 and recited some of her poems which in some way or another are connected with textiles. Ex-students and foreign students of our informal Spanish language courses from different countries, involved within the project in education for peace, read passages of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”, translated into Galician by writer Carlos Casares, who was dedicated this year’s Galician literature day.The book was the starting point for a reading club among students of all the participant countries, who contributed with their works and videos.

EPA de Ourense, not being a specific centre for textile studies, decided to give an approach to the project based on inclusion by means of manual and artistic activities, the transmission of values, the appreciation of arts and traditions through history and the value of the linguistic heritage associated to textiles.

The event was attended by people connected with education, training, youth and sport from different organizations in the city like the University of Vigo, trade unions, the environmental activists of Friends of the Earth, the state official languages school EOI Ourense, people connected with the traditional textile sector and general public.

Erasmus+ offers opportunities for co-operation, innovation and the exchange of best practice in the fields of education, training, youth and sport.

EPA de Ourense is very grateful for the participation.

The project is a tribute to all those we ever learnt something from.


Headteacher of centro EPA Ourense, Ana Isabel Muñoz González. 

Project coordinator, Jacqueline Agrelo Filgueira.

Information about Erasmus+ in Spain can be found on the web

Webpage of the Textile Heritage project, under construction.

Facebook of the project

SpainConf3.pngAlfredo Juan Conde, director of the event, Jacqueline Agrelo, project coordinator, Ana Muñoz, EPA de Ourense headteacher and Dores Tembrás, poet.
SpainConf2.pngHeadteacher of centro EPA Ourense, Ana Isabel Muñoz González and Project Coordinator Jacqueline Agrelo Filgueira
SpainConf4.pngClaudio Veneri, Cossa-Pavia, Italy coordinator